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HPN provides consulting services for owners and developers of historic structures looking to substantially rehabilitate their properties.  We provide comprehensive project development services, from pre-development planning through to a certificate of occupancy using Federal and State Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits. Qualified costs on projects can be credited up to 45%. 


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We take a holistic approach to our consulting services and have the ability to don multiple hats as we interact with a variety of agencies and stakeholders. This runs the gamut from acting as a liaison to the project architect and the State Historic Preservation Office during the design phase, to negotiating the partnership agreement and ancillary documents necessary for the tax credit investment. 



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Proper documentation is crucial to any successful historic rehabilitation project and involves careful considerations to be accounted for when documenting a property, district, or survey for tax credit eligibility.


Historic Pro NOLA offers concise documentation for the following:

  • Historic Property Research

  • Historic Structure Reports

  • National Register Nominations​​

  • Local Landmark Nominations

  • Historic Resource Surveys

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Design review is one of the trickiest parts of project approvals in New Orleans and many other Louisiana communities, especially if historic buildings are involved. We understand the review standards and can help you avoid many common pitfalls by getting involved early on in the design process. We can guide your architect toward design solutions that comply with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards while accomplishing your project goals.

  • Review construction plans for tax credit compliance

  • Act as a liaison between:

    • architects, engineers, contractors, the State Historic Preservation Office, and the NPS for project 

  • Advise on necessary permits, Architectural Review Committee meetings, and Historic District Landmark Commission meetings 



​Historic Pro NOLA provides consulting services for developers or property owners seeking historic tax credits for rehabilitation of historic properties. Historic Pro NOLA assists clients in the completion of the three-part Federal and Louisiana state tax credit applications.


The involvement of historic preservation professionals familiar with the tax credit program is important in expediting the review process and facilitating the overall success of a project.

Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credit- 20% Available

The 20% rehabilitation tax credit applies to any project that the Secretary of the Interior designates a certified rehabilitation of a certified historic structure. A certified historic structure is deemed as a building that is listed in the National Register of Historic places, either individually or as a contributing building in a National Register historic district that has been certified by the Department of the Interior (National Park Service).


State Commercial Tax Credit- 25% Available

The 20% State Commercial Tax Credit Program is jointly administered by the Louisiana Division of Historic Preservation and the Louisiana Department of Revenue. The credit is available for those income-producing buildings that are contributing elements to downtown Development Districts or Certified Cultural Districts.

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